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Activity Schedule

This project will be developed as follows:

Session Date Time Room
Introduction to ITS 02-12-2020 14:30-18:00 Online
Session 1 (Lab Work) 06-01-2021 14:30-18:00 Online
Session 2 (Lab Work) 20-01-2021 14:30-18:00 Online
Individual presentation* 03-02-2021 14:30-18:00 Online
Final presentation* 10-02-2021 14:30-18:00 Online
(*) Denote Evaluation checkpoints


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Session labs around projects related to application of intelligent systems in transportation.


Oral presentation and literature review about relevant topics in the subject.

Andrés Ladino
Andrés Ladino
Data Scientist

My research interests include distributed control, networked control systems and machine learning.