Cross-Platform Simulation Architecture with application to truck platooning impact assessment

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Simulation-based traffic impact assessment studies of advanced technologies such as truck platooning need to be carried out to ascertain their benefits for traffic efficiency, safety and environment. To reduce uncertainty in the results of such simulation-based studies, the same simulation studies can be performed in different simulation software. Many traffic simulation software packages (Aimsun, SymuVia, Vissim, SUMO) are currently available for traffic impact assessment of new technologies such as truckplatooning. However, to fully model and simulate the functionalities of such advanced technologies in different simulation environments, several extensions need to be made to the simulation platforms. In most cases, these extensions have to be programmed in different programming languages (C++, Python) and each simulator has its own simulator specific API. This makes it difficult to reuse software written for a specific functionality in one simulation platform in a different simulation platform. To overcome this issue, this paper presents a novel architecture for cross-platform simulation. The architecture is designed such that a specific functionality such as truck-platooning or any other functionality is made platform independent. We designed a cross-platform architecture for simulating a truck-platooning functionality using Vissim and SymuVia simulation software to determine the traffic flow effects of multi-brand truck platooning in the context of the EU project ENSEMBLE. In this draft paper, we present the structure of the framework as well as some preliminary results from a simple simulation performed with the cross-platform simulator.

In ITS World Congress 2021